zaterdag 27 december 2014

December 21st, 2014.


Received by WV. 

Hello again my friend. I am very pleased to see you seize moments like this, so we can help you clarify the things we talk about and that you have come to see them as opportunities (to grow and progress), not as nuisances; also in the hope others will benefit from them too.

You knew, the moment we started to explain the concept of ’free will’, (some) people would not agree with what we told you; even you were not 100% sure whether you truly believed what we were telling you. It was only when I told you afterwards that this (previous sentence) was the reason you should believe (because what you ’believed’ was not 100% in accordance with what we wrote), that you started to accept it; and then we could transfer a large amount of information to you so you could see the bigger picture behind it.

[Yes, you needed a better opening first so we could pass on that information.]

It is very important to understand there is a big difference between ‘will’ and ‘free will’. Will is what we called the principle of choice in our previous message: it is every possibility, choice and action executable within the scope of love. Free will is the same as will but with the addition of being capable to move outside the laws of love (or the laws of the soul).

What’s also very important to know is: when we speak of love, we speak about much more than what the definition of the word love means. Love is a very broad form of energy made of multiple sub (energy) forms or subcategories. And the definition of love: “having affection for” - as most people use it - is only one of many subcategories. So you see, knowing and understanding the context and definition of the words used by others is an important part of understanding the context and meaning of the whole message. 

Unfortunately, most people (including mediums) do not question that their definition of a word is the same as someone else’s, so they do not grasp the true meaning of what the other (man or spirit) is saying. This is also the reason why spirit messages are so different (in content) but can still be perceived as true (by the medium or others). The receiving person can feel the spirit influence and their love (and therefore conclude it is true) while they do not understand their words might not have the same meaning as the intended meaning or definition.

It is inherent to the human mind to fight all information that might cause its nullification. That is for example the true story behind why ‘666’ is the number of the beast. I can see you’re quite surprised. But let me explain what I mean, because it is completely in sync with the topic we are dealing with.

As you know 'Satan' never existed. But what you (and most others) don’t know is the original (666) story was used to portray the fall of the perfect natural man.

Those who understand anything about numerology know that the number six stands for harmony. Well then, number three refers to the existence of life as we know it: body, mind and soul. So 3 times 6 (or 666) means having harmony in body, mind and soul; thus, having the state of the perfect natural man. And it is, by no means, coincidence the sphere of the perfect natural man is the sixth one; the sphere of harmony.

So, in the original story, 'Satan' was not an angel but a perfect natural man who lost the state he was in by using his free will (his mind). He made choices (not in tune with the laws of the soul) that blocked the flow of love (to his soul) so the harmony (he was in) started to dissipate. Sounds familiar? The more harmony was lacking, the more the mind took over; and harmony became its worst enemy; because the mind loved the (unlimited) power and control it had. So every time the mind comes in contact with something (or someone) trying to re-establish harmony (hence it will lose some of its power and control) the mind (or the beast) retaliates, trying to keep the power on its side. 

So you see, 666 is the number of the beast (or the mind); considering harmony of the body, mind and soul will lead to less power and control; the beast within (ourselves and others) will be summoned, trying to block us (and others) from finding and re-creating harmony. Since finding and re-establishing that harmony would result in less power and control over our own minds and that of others which would not be a good thing for the mind.

Now, besides giving you the true meaning behind the story of the number of the beast, we also wanted to use it to explain the message of free will in a different way. As you know we have already explained numerous times that 'Satan' (or 'Lucifer') does not exist. Furthermore we already explained (also through Mr. Padgett) it wouldn’t be possible for someone to become an angel and then all of a sudden decide to become mean and vicious again and leave the heavens he/she is in.

Well, the reason for that is because of the difference between will and free will. Free will - the ability to choose not to live according to the laws of love (or the soul laws) – is the reason why it is possible for the perfect natural man (and everybody beneath that level) to become less loving again. Especially in the physical, where the power of free will is strongest and the effects are not that outspoken (or felt) as in the spirit world. But, quite to your surprise, it is also the case within the spirit world. So, yes, it would be possible (theoretically) for someone within the spirit world to regress. 

(Oh boy.)

[Laughs.] I understand your reaction.

(I can already imagine how some are going to react to this. LOL.)

[Laughs again.] So, why do I say theoretically? Because the reactions (or the effects) within the spirit world are so direct and outspoken that those who have experienced a more advanced way of living will not want to go back to a less loving way of living. Only those who are in bad shape will often remain there longer as needed because they choose to keep on using their free will to keep on living the unloving way they are used to (by laughing at others, trying to instigate others to do bad things, etc.).

But the proof of the ability of the spirit to regress can be found in stories like; the story about the inheritance of the flaws of the parents and grandparents and in the story about the regression of the first parents: Aman and Amon or in the story of the number of the beast, as we just explained it to you. Because all souls incarnate in their pristine state or condition but almost none can retain that state. And when the regression in the physical takes place, the regression in the spirit is also a fact considering they are in sync. Otherwise the man who lived an unloving life would find himself in the sixth sphere after leaving his physical life; which isn’t the case at all.

When you look at what I said in the beginning - that no angel has ever fallen out of heaven or regressed back to the lower spheres - you should come to understand why this would never (ever) be possible: because once one enters the celestial (or soul) spheres, the possibility to choose or act outside the scope of (the energy we call) love, is no longer possible. Meaning: free will (as we know it) no longer exists, since it has served its purpose and is no longer needed. It doesn’t mean one will become a slave of God without having the ability to choose freely. It means becoming one with Him, still being able to choose freely, but choosing and acting within the scope of love.

If it would have been possible to still choose or act outside the scope of love (= to use free will) once one becomes a celestial angel, the story of 'Satan' (or 'Lucifer') would have been right or at least possible or plausible. But the reason why we have said (so many times before) it is not possible at all, is because of this truth about free will.

Once one enters the celestial spheres, the body and mind are no longer essential to one’s existence and totally subordinate to one’s soul; which still possesses the gift of the will: the ability to act, think, behave and choose according to the laws of love. 

As to what happens to a man when he dies and becomes his spirit, so will it also happen to the spirit who dies (a figurative spirit death) and becomes his soul. This is what the seventh sphere is for (or prepares us for): to pass on the principle of identification from the spirit to the soul; just as when the physical body dies, the principle of identification is passed on from the physical to the spirit. Hence, the last stage of the new birth - which was started by opening up the soul to receive its first speck of Divine Love - is now finalizing; and the soul is ready to enter the spheres of the soul or as most call them: the celestial spheres.

And so the speculations of some of the spirits in the sixth sphere that maybe one day the spirit body may also not exist - as the physical body once stopped to exist (for them) - are true. For only the soul has any significance in the life eternal; all the rest will only be remembered as a vague illusion of what once was.

I am glad we had this opportunity to share our knowledge with you again. Thank you for your time and effort in all of this. God bless you my friend. Have a nice and loving holiday season and enjoy your time on this earth. John.

dinsdag 16 december 2014

December 10th, 2014.


Received by WV. 

(Hello John. I can feel your presence. Can you please elaborate on the message of sins as asked on the DLS forum?)

Of course, my dear friend, it is always my pleasure to enlighten my brothers and sisters in the flesh.

I will start off with saying that only seldom a child will be born free from flaws but that all souls incarnate in their pristine flaw free condition. 

The process of the human birth is not understood completely by many so they conclude what they are capable of understanding with their minds. To help with this, I want to explain to you something very vital. As we all know, there is the need for a sperm and an egg to start the creation of the human body and, at a particular moment in the whole process, the soul will take possession of that body. Well, what most people do not understand is the soul does not take its place in the physical body. It will nest itself into the spirit body, which is a very important difference. 

If you examine this statement closely, you will come to understand the soul cannot control the physical body in a direct way, only in an indirect way; through the spirit body, because it is the spirit (body) that controls the physical (body). But I will come back to this principle later.

Well then, when the soul has not yet nested itself in the spirit body, it is in its pristine state with nothing surrounding it to block out the energy it needs to live its life to its full potential. It is only as soon as it nests itself in its spirit body that the process of inheriting the flaws of its ancestors begins. The moment the soul incarnates, it becomes veiled by the spirit body, which in turn becomes susceptible to its surrounding energies and makes a connection (the silver chord) with its physical body. 

Since the new life form stays closest to its mother’s energy, the mother will be the first to pass on her energy patterns; created by herself (her own mind) or adopted from her parents. However, if you contemplate this, you will understand her parents were also influenced by their own minds and parents and their parents also; and so on. Consequently you can see the flawed energy/mind patterns are copied, depending on their dominance and persistence, from generation to generation. Some minor adopted flaws will vanish quickly as the child gains its own life experiences. Some other (more severe flaws) will survive very long and will be passed on to their own offspring. It will all depend on the use of their own free will which ones will survive, vanish or be added. And that is how the process of the inheritance of the flaws of the parents works.

However, it is not only the surviving energy patterns from our grandparents (within our own parents) that influence us (indirectly), it is also the patterns from our (still living) grandparents (or great-grandparents) that influence us (directly). For when we are born, most of our grandparents are still alive and very present in our everyday lives. Therefore coming into direct contact with their patterns or flaws will only enforce the ones we already adopted (or are adopting) from our own parents. (And this is of course also the case if our great-grandparents are still alive.) Naturally, the frequency of coming into contact with them plays an important role in the influence they will have. This too is the reason why the energies of siblings, friends, teachers, leaders, etc. can influence our own energies, minds, patterns or flaws. It just depends on the frequency of the contact and the ability of staying true to oneself: whether the connection with one’s soul is still in good condition or whether the veil of the spirit is blocking it. It is also the reason why it is so important to choose your company wisely.

Why we prefer to talk about flaws, instead of sins, is because there are far more energy patterns (that cannot be classified as sins) that block the flow of love. To give you one important example: thinking one is not worthy (of love). This can and will block the soul to receive a (big) portion of love. But what you also have to understand is; that, because of such thinking, the influence of the soul becomes less outspoken and more difficult, which in turn will make it more difficult to live according to the laws of love. So, flaws like that, which have nothing to do with sin, can have a big impact on the condition of the soul and even create an environment where sins thrive because the influence of the soul diminishes.

So, as you can derive from what I have said, the integration of the flaws of previous generations is not a static or instant process where the soul receives a bunch of ‘sins’ the moment it incarnates, it is a dynamic process where self-created energies play an active role in blocking the flow of love to and from the soul. The soul has no part in this whole process because its sole purpose is to love; to give love and to receive love; and it cannot do anything out of tune with the laws of love. 

That is why God created the physical realm and the intermediary realm, better known as the spirit realm. And it is this whole system - Father created - that makes it possible for us to enjoy total freedom in the use of our free will: to some a blessing, to some a curse. This system allows us to identify ourselves with our human bodies and with our minds without being under direct control of our souls: the experience of unlimited freedom, not being dependent on the existence of a greater Source - thus, the experience of being God.

(So, do I understand you correctly? Are you saying free will does not reside in the soul?)

Indeed, my friend. Free will - the ability to choose to live according to the laws of love or not - does not reside in the soul, as the soul does not have the capabilities to do anything not in tune with the laws of love. Free will resides in the mind; as well in the physical as in the spirit. It is a concept based on the principle of choice, which does reside in the soul. However, it adds the dimension of being able to make choices outside the scope of love and that is why it cannot be part of the soul. So by choosing the Divine Love path, you use your free will to state that love is the only choice you ever want (and need) the rest of your (eternal) life - that you do not want to live outside the scope of love - and that you are therefore willing to put everything else, even your mind, in second place.

We can conclude our wonderful talk here for I see we covered everything I wanted to talk to you about. Stay safe and centered in the love and don’t let your mind take control of your life; let your soul guide you. For, when it comes to matters of the soul, the mind is not the right source to explain them (because of its subjectiveness). And when it comes to the matters of the mind, there is no better (objective) source than the soul to explain them.

Your friend forever. John.

vrijdag 5 december 2014

November 28th, 2014


Received by WV.

Hello again my friend.

I am glad you are feeling better and you are keeping up with doing your new daily meditation as we instructed you. Yes you are right about what you received during your meditation on ‘The reason why Jesus needed to be free from sin.’

Now, let’s first clarify what sin is. Sin is only a word to indicate that certain actions or thoughts are not in tune with your soul knowledge - with the laws of Love. I know people tend to put a lot of negative energy on the meaning of the word, but they shouldn’t. Sins can only be manifested or created by the mind and have nothing to do with the soul. The soul - as an image of the father - is not capable of creating anything out of tune with the laws of Love. Sins are nothing more than ‘mind flaws’ that exist in different levels. They are portrayed in everyday life in the way we think, speak and act.

Now, why did Jesus have to be free from these mind flaws? Because as you have experienced yourself, even if someone has received a big amount of Divine Love in their soul, the mind keeps on existing. And although the Divine Love will silence the mind for a while - depending upon the amount of love you receive - the mind will come to the forefront again. That is why we need to pray as much as we can, as frequently as we can, so the Love will silence the mind and eradicate all flaws from it.

So, the reason Jesus had to be free from sin is because he needed a mind that wouldn’t interfere with his soul longings. If his mind would have contained these kind of flaws they would have interfered with his calling and it would have made his mission far more complicated; which was not Father’s intention. Jesus had to have the same opportunity as Aman and Amon, equal in its context. So you see he was ‘mind flaw free’ because it was a prerequisite to his calling, not because he was special. And when people compare themselves with him, they are doing something impossible, because 99% of all people living on earth will be soaked in the flaws of their parents, siblings, teachers, leaders, cultures, etc.

That is also the reason why you aren’t flaw free; but you don’t need to be. In fact, it is a ‘good’ thing because it will help you with your own calling. It will help you to understand what people are going through. It will help you explain these processes to them because you will receive the insight firsthand from the processes you have to go through yourself.

Most people do not want to look at their own flaws. They think they need to be perfect examples of the Love; that Divine Love does not leave room for flaws once they received a portion of it. Well, they are flawed! [Laughs] Because flaws will exist until people reach the level of flawlessness. And it is the recognition (not the denial) of one’s own flaws that will lead to their eradication; whether the eradication comes through the use of the natural love or the Divine Love is of no importance - although we Divine Love connoisseurs know which path will be swifter.

I think this is a good place to stop and I am glad we had this talk because you portrayed the context of what I wanted to explain very well.

Thank you for being such a good friend. (John)

donderdag 9 oktober 2014

Good evening my dear friends. It is a pleasure to be with you again. My name is Joseph. I have come to talk to you about things you need to know in life. Things like: ‘Where are my own boundaries?’, ‘How do I make the right decisions?’

You have to understand the that each and every one of you is guided by your guides and by your Guardian Angels. They speak to you as souls. So it is very important for you to try and listen to your soul once in a while. Why do so many things go wrong in our lives? Well, because we listen to our minds and our thoughts instead of our feelings, our soul. That, my friends, is the reason why so many things go wrong, why there is so much negativity, why there is so much ego, why there is so much war. Do not try to reason all the time. Do not use your mind all the time. Try to empty your selves of all the thoughts that you have because they will interfere with you making the right decisions.

If you want to live a happy life, if you want to live a fruitful life, then you will have to start to listen to your soul and to the things your guides and Guardian Angels are trying to tell you. I know it can be very hard while here on earth because we learn to trust our brains, to trust our minds, our thoughts. We are being taught to use it that way. But that is not the way it is intended. Try to forget everything that was once taught and try to feel what your soul is telling you. Your soul will not communicate with words. Your soul will give you images. Your soul will give you feelings. Your soul will make you know what is right and what is wrong without needing to think. So try and try harder and start to realize your soul knows everything there is to know to be (or become) happy, joyful, playful, loving, etc.

Know we are with you and that we will help you as good as we can but that it is up to you to decide whether you want that help or not, whether you want to listen to your soul or not. Because what your soul wants is not always what your mind wants. On the contrary, they often are very far apart. Know that it is not wrong to try and be the best you can be.

Also understand that in everything you do, you have your limitations, even though as a soul you are unlimited. You need to realize this! You are an unlimited but also a limited being in this moment in time. You, as a person, need to set boundaries. You need to do that! Do not feel bad to say no. Do not feel ashamed to not being able to help somebody or for drawing a specific boundary to protect yourself, because we all have our own needs and limitations. That is a good thing.

Do not look at those limitations as being negative but understand they are necessary to protect yourself, your physical and mental health. They also define your personality, your character and your talents. And in that perspective you will understand we all need each other. We all need to be who we are, so others can benefit from our talents and we can benefit from other people’s talents or personalities.

We are here together and we are one, whether you want to believe that or not. We have all started our journey from the same source and we will all end that journey going back to that same source. So accept your limitations and boundaries and accept those of others. Be gentle. Be understanding. Be patient with those around you and with yourself. It is when you learn to live with or by your own limitations or boundaries that you will understand the true nature of your being, of your soul.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the subjects. They are very relevant to all of you. Goodbye for now. Until we meet again.

Good evening my friends. My name is Paramahansa Yogananda.

 I’m very glad my friend and one of my teachers, Joseph, has spoken to you. He has put in words very well the difference between mind and soul; thinking and knowing. As all of you, I’ve had my struggles, I’ve had my fights with the demons I had inside. But thanks to my master and friend and thanks to the persistence of my own soul, I came to see the light, the light that shines in all of us. It is that light that will guide you in times of trouble, in times of darkness.

But the real question is: are you willing to shine that light in times of darkness? If you choose so, you will be seen by those who do not do so, those who hide their souls. You will be there focal point. But does that matter if you truly seek happiness and joy in life? That, my friends, is the choice you yourself will need to make. Nobody else can make that decision for you. It is like Joseph said: you are the light inside of you. Sure you can construct a wall around your soul, with your thoughts and mind, so that nobody can see your true self, your light. But the only thing this will accomplish is darkness and the only thing you will feel is the urge to bring back that light out of the darkness. So choose wisely and remember with that choice comes a great responsibility and it will not protect you from the thoughts or the behavior of others. What it will do is give you everything you need to be happy from the inside and that is the only true happiness there can ever be.

I am very pleased to see all of you here. I bless you, with my love for you, and wish you a beautiful loving journey on this earth.

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Fight for the love inside.

Frankfurt, May 31st ,2014.

Good evening my dear and loving friends. My name is Paramahansa Yogananda and I have the honour of speaking to you tonight.
Let me start by saying that we are glad you all came to join us in love and meditation so we can create more love, openness and trust in ourselves, in our environment and in the people around us.

The message we want to give you tonight, is to fight for the love inside. Do not give up on this world even though sometimes it can be cruel and harsh and very unloving. There is a Source that spreads Its Love without limitations, you only have to tap into Its Energy.

The world is (only) what you make of it. The world is only an illusion of our minds. If you let the Divine Essence flow through you and fill your heart and soul, you will see this world through different eyes. You can create darkness if you want to but, if you choose to, you can also create light. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Each one of us is connected to the Source of Light and Love. The only thing you need to do, to manifest this Light and Love in your own life’s, is to ask for It with the right longings, with faith that you will get what you ask for and with the sincerity of a child’s heart.

When you feel down, try to focus on the good things in your life. Do not let others keep you from the happiness you deserve and the path you choose to walk. Travel at your own pace. Travel with the Love and the guidance of the Source of all love. Do not judge yourself or others for that matter. Just try to be the best you can be. Darkness (or dark thoughts) will create darkness and light will create light.

We know it can be hard sometimes. We know this world is still a lot in its mind, instead of its heart, but times are changing. People are awakening to the calls of the Love Divine. We are all children of the Universe. We are all created by the same Force and whether you want to believe it or not, will not change the Truth about it.

If you think about what I just said, you will see this also applies to you. You are who you are, no matter what anybody else thinks or says about you. Whether somebody else likes you or judges you should not matter to you, my dear friends. It should not matter to you at all. The words they speak do not change one tiny bit about you, about reality. They do not have any power over who you are or what your path is. The only one who has that power is you.

Remember that, next time somebody upsets you, next time somebody saddens you, next time somebody hurts you. Can they truly? Of course they can’t, because you are who you are and only Love can see you for who you are. The only way you can ever create light, love, happiness and harmony in your own lives, is by being who you really are; by being love.

I want to thank you for the opportunity of talking to you. Be blessed my friends. Be the one you need to be, the one you are. Good night.

donderdag 13 februari 2014

I was asked to translate this (older) message. So I did. Here it is:

December 2nd, 2011.

Gavere (Belgium).

Good evening. As you have noticed, all of these entities had something in common. They all asked for help and it was also important you knew they all had different nationalities. Why? Well, because we want you to understand that origin, place of birth, place of death or geographic residence is of no importance at all once you enter the spirit world. Even language is not important.

You didn't know the first person, Jean-Marie, but he was actually a prominent person. The latter, Alvin, was as they say, a regular street boy. This, also, makes no difference when one enters the spirit world. The position of a man on earth does not affect the position of the soul in the spirit world. In the spirit world, everybody is equal. All that matters here, is the development of the soul: how much love you have cultivated, received or requested. Whether you are world famous or a street kid, once you enter this world nothing except for the love you tried to cultivate will matter.

How do we develop that love? Well, very simple: by following our heart and soul.
It is not enough to only ask for love, it is also very important to give love! There is an old saying that indeed contains much truth: "it is in giving that you receive." So try to look at the positive side of people and give them compliments about it or say ‘thank you’ when they have tried to help or serve you. It might seem small or insignificant to you, but believe me, it is never. It is such things that will determine your place in the hereafter.

Of course, there is the "Primal Energy" - the Universal or Divine Love that one must receive in his soul - which is most important. But it is equally important to share the Love one receives with others.

Herein it is important to follow your heart and soul. This way you will feel what is in report with the Laws of Love. It is by living according to these Laws of Love, that you keep your soul in a loving condition.

Try to observe yourself more than normal, so you can learn when the Universe (=God) talks to you. Yes, it does that. Give more (Love) so the walls you've built around your soul may disappear like snow to the sun. Give, so you may feel what it brings about. Whether you give somebody 5 Euros, a hand or a pat on the back, does not matter, as long as you give it with Love.

I know I'm not telling you anything new, but too few people know what the real effect of (loving) giving is. Not giving because you feel you should, but giving because you feel it's the right thing to do and because your heart and soul tell you to.

It is important for you to know how thoughts affect spirituality. The power of positive thinking is not as stupid as most people think. Negative thinking disconnects the link between you (as a physical and spirit being) and your soul. Since the soul is the most important part, men should pay most of their attention to it, so the mind will subordinate to the will of the soul.

When one thinks of too many negative things, it feels like the soul (and all the love in it) suddenly disappears. Of course it does not. It just feels like it because you allow those (negative) thoughts instead of having faith in the Source of the universe. And unhappiness only arises because the connection between your physical body and your soul has temporarily been broken.

So be aware of the fact that your mind is capable of doing this. It is your journey to learn how to subordinate your mind to your soul. Once that process begins, you start the journey of becoming who you really are.

Be aware of your thinking and try to correct yourself at times when you worry, fear, feel guilty, hate, etc. by thinking positive and loving thoughts. And, what if you don’t succeed? Well, ask for help! Ask your guides and the Source to help to fill you with Love and positive thoughts. If you persist, you will notice negativity will fade, because you're trying to reconnect the link between your mind and soul. Only love can repair this connection. Every bit of negativity decomposes or disconnects this link, little by little.

That is why we need to learn to love everybody. We know it is difficult. We know how much judgment is within men. However, as we just mentioned, these judgments are merely the creations of the mind. If your mind is subordinate to your soul, you will feel the need for love and attention in every person equally; whether it is a Jew, a Moroccan, a Belgian or an American; an introvert, extrovert, silent or loud, soft or harsh person. Nobody’s life is worth more than anybody else’s.

And to cultivate the Love inside your soul, it is important that you learn this and that you put aside your preconceived thoughts. How? By bursting the bubble and talking with the one you have preconceived ideas about. Look at how they live, what they are doing or what they value. You will find they are not so different from you.

We are all human beings, spirits and souls. We are all creations depending on what the universe gives us, depending on the breath we take and what this earth provides, depending on the Prana that we get from the Source Itself. Please do not forget this valuable message, my friends. Write it down and read it again. These messages are food for the soul. They give you insight into what will make you happy and what many really need.

Put them into practice. Theory without practice is like a rough diamond that is never cut: nobody will see its true beauty.

Good night.

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Sri Yukteswar talks about Sai Baba and the law of creation

I am here, your friend and helper, Sri Yukteswar.

I have come because I wanted to reply upon the question who Sai Baba was.

Well let me start off with saying he wasn’t an avatar. When he died he entered what is known as the fourth sphere. He was not more special than any other man on earth. He was born from a woman and he died as any other man will have to once.

The reason why he was able to do some things others can’t, is he understood the laws of creation. These laws govern the way things are created and also how they are destroyed. When you come to learn how your free will can interact with these laws, you will understand the way they work.

Sai Baba wasn’t any different except that he knew how to interact with the laws of creation. It is because of this he could create or manifest things other people can’t. I have known many people who understood the laws of creation and could do the things Sai Baba could. So you see he wasn’t further advanced than any other human could be.

The problem with most humans is they don’t believe it is possible to create things out of nothing or thin air. But if you look closely at how Mother Nature works, you will find she does it all the time. The only things she needs are the right conditions to do so, and off she goes to create what is needed to be.

So the fast learner, or at least the attentive one, will understand the last sentence is the key to the whole mystery: “creating the right conditions”. How? Well, everything created is done so with “intention”. So you see, these three things are very important when it comes to materializing or dematerializing things: “free will, intention and the right conditions.” The third parameter is actually influenced or created by the help of the first two.

I know this all sounds a bit confusing at first but when you meditate upon this for a little while, it will become very clear to you. But, to confuse you even more, I have to say these parameters are all influenced by your mind and mental believes. These parameters all have their origin in the soul. So if you do not let the soul supersede the mind, you will never be able to materialize or dematerialize.

I am going to stop here for now and hope you find interest in what I have given you. Keep an open mind so we can pour our knowledge into your consciousness, my dear friend.

Goodbye, your friend and helper, Sri Yukteswar.