maandag 25 november 2013

Message 15th of November 2013

This meeting started (surprisingly to me, because we never had that before) with a healing circle very simular to what Geoff did in Blackpool.

Gavere (Belgium), November 15th 2013.

Good evening.

May I ask to join me to make the symbol of balance on your heart chakra.

We would love to begin this séance with a healing, to send love to those who need it. I think we all know somebody who needs our help or our love at this moment. That is why we thought it would be a good idea to start with a group healing.

First, we ask you to put both feet firmly on the ground and visualize, with eyes closed, how a small ball of light starts to form in the middle of this table. We ask the Source of all Life and Love to fill this ball of light with all the Love it can possibly hold.

When we are asking for this Love we watch the ball grow and become almost as big as the whole table. This ball of love and light is now gently resting upon your knees. Fill this ball with all the names of the ones you love, the images of the ones you love and all the positive wishes you have for yourself, your loved ones and all other people you can think of because this world needs it badly.

We can feel how the Source of Love is helping us to fill this ball and we see and feel the ball becoming bigger and bigger until we are part of it. As we are now part of this ball we can extend its limits to make it as big as the whole room.

Fill this ball with good intentions. Fill this ball with all your great and loving ideas and let it grow by filling it with more of your love, our love and the Love of the Big Soul.

See and feel it has become as big as the whole building. It is being filled with so much love we can barely hold on as it is starting to flow upwards. We feel it rising higher and higher and let go of it so it can fly towards where it needs to go.

As it takes off, we see it divide in thousands of smaller balls each following its own path to reach the destinations you gave it.

Do not worry if you did not think about everybody you wanted to. The reason why we always create such a big ball of light and love is because we want you to become part of the ball itself. This way, all your thoughts and good intentions were present within the ball, whether you explicitly thought about them or not. So everybody in your consciousness or unconsciousness will have been included and will profit from it.

We are thankful you let us begin this séance with this group healing.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.


Good evening. I am here, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Today I would like to tell you something about earthly emotions; grief, pain, anger, sorrow and so on.

First you've got to understand that emotions are things created. You are the creator of your own emotions. I know this might sound a bit strange or even hard to believe to you but nevertheless it is the truth. Every kind of emotion is a disruption of the harmony between mind and soul.

We, as children of the cosmos, are souls. Unfortunately throughout centuries we have come to believe we are our own creations or are creations of our minds. Therein lays the biggest error of today's thinking.

Freeing yourself from these errors is actually very simple. One only has to ascend himself and his earthly bonds. This may sound difficult to do or comprehend at this moment in time but let me assure you it is possible.

Do not forget we are souls who are connected to the Source of Wisdom and Creation. It is with this soul we can find any answer we are looking for; also the answer on how to ascend your mind.

So what do I mean when I say; to ascend your emotions? Let me try to explain it as clear as I can.

The ascension of our emotions will find its beginning in the realisation we are not who we physically are. Our physical existence is merely a representation of the existence of our soul. In other words, everything we create (or are) as a human being is being created by our soul in the first place.

Unfortunately enough, not many people understand how this goes about. But let me tell you the answer is, most of the times, much easier and simpler than most people think.

If we are indeed the creators of our own thoughts and emotions, the answer is very simple indeed; do not create these emotions, these thoughts, anymore. Distract yourself from the thoughts that keep you from being the loving soul you truly are or want to be.

Love is indeed the answer to everything. This does not mean you have to accept everything others do or say. It is not because one reprimands another, because of his unloving words or deeds, one is not loving or in balance. Sometimes it is needed to do so. There is however a difference in speaking (or reprimanding) with authority or angrily: the first is in balance, the second is not.

What we as humans miss is the insight our heart and soul gives us in our contemporary lives.

Try to be more conscience of the processes that trigger a certain emotion. Does this mean you have to know every little detail about why you have certain emotions? No, the primary focus is on observing yourself and that is less difficult than you'd think.

Plant the intention in your soul by thinking about it. Say to yourself: "I want insight into why I create anger or fear." This will create an awareness on those moments you become angry or fearful and help you to become an observer of yourself. It will help you to find out what the trigger beneath the emotion is.

The strange thing about this, is when you get this insight, the emotion will disappear. This is because you have subordinated your mind to your soul on that specific topic. So the more you try to do this, the more control you will give to your soul and all worries and emotions of the mind will disappear like snow to the sun.

Does this sound difficult or illogical? Eventually the truth is always much simpler than most people can imagine.

I hope we have given you the tool you have asked for. This is something even the simplest of souls can learn. It all depends upon the great gift God gave us; free will.

The beautiful Source doesn't want anything from us except our love. We are the ones who are responsible for the choices we make in our lives. So do everything you do out of love and you will see how fast and easy your life will change.

Do not start thinking again: “It's easy for you to say,” or “It's not that simple,” for it is. You just need the necessary willpower, dedication and of course all the Love you can get.

That is why it is so important to tune in to the Big Soul. Because, if you are willing to accept His Essence in your soul, you will notice these things will become much easier and faster. You will gain insight not only into yourselves but also into the world and the whole cosmos around you.

So you see there is still a lot to learn. You don't have to be afraid the learning will stop tomorrow, because it won't.

I hope we have planted a seed that will help you to grow closer to the Source of all goodness, the Creator of all souls.

I am going to stop now.

Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your willingness to listen to us.

Your friend and brother, Paramahansa Yoganada.

Good evening.

It is an honor for me to be here with you again.

Can I ask you to join me in making the symbol of balance on your heart chakra?

My dear friends. As you have already guessed, it is I Jesus.

I just came because I wanted to reiterate how much I, your guides and your loved ones in spirit do love you. I know this world can be a tough place to live on and breathe. I have been there.

Remember that we and the Big Soul are always with you to help and give you the love you so need the moments you feel the weakest. But I also wanted to answer the question that sometimes arises: "Why certain angels, spirits or entities do not state their name when delivering a message?"

Let me assure you they all have good reasons why not to. For example: to avoid awkward situations. If for instance Elvis would have become a beautiful angel by now and came to talk to you (you being a huge Elvis fan) that could lead to some strange situations (with bizarre questions) and with interference of the delivery of the planned message.

Another reason, for example, could be to eliminate your prejudgment. Let's say Hitler would come to deliver you a message about love or any positive subject, it would be very hard for most people to believe or accept what comes out of his mouth. Do you understand?

So as there is almost always a simple answer to any question, so it is with the fact some spirits do not mention their names. Therefore they are not less trustable they just know it is better for them not to mention their names at that specific moment.

A name is also a label. And sometimes it is easier to give your love and attention to somebody whose name you do not know then when you do know. You don't need to think hard about that to realize it is true.

I hope we have shed some light on this topic why angels, spirits or entities do not wish to mention their name. Be loving, respectful and understanding towards everybody because everybody needs our love. Let's leave it like that.

We want to thank you for all the time and energy you put in these meetings. I will always be with you the moments you truly need me. And when it is your time, look for me and I promise you will find me amongst those welcoming you to the spirit world.

Good evening and goodbye.

donderdag 7 november 2013

The Soul

No matter how many times you’ve sold your soul,
you’ll never get rid of it, even if that was your goal.
‘Cause the soul is yours, forever to keep,
if you but inhale the Love and let it in deep.
For it is then you will find the peace that you seek,
it’ll lift you high up and give you a peek
into the world that you long for, the world you so need.
So inhale the Love and let it plant the first seed.

Werner Voets

maandag 21 oktober 2013

Baaigem (Belgium), June 14th, 2013.

Good evening and welcome.
We would like you to be more centered in your own energy.
The reason the séance was so different today, is because we wanted to show you how easily people are influenced by others (be it the living or the dead). That's why it is so important one stays centered in his own energy.
That is; when you feel something is not going as it should, you're probably not centered well. This way others can force their influence upon you when you are making specific decisions in your life.
Centering yourself is very important, even necessary, if you want to walk (and remain on) your own path. How else can you ever get to know who you really are, what you enjoy doing and what you have chosen to do.
Meditation is a good way to balance oneself. Most people don't have time for it or don't like doing it. That is why we are giving you this simple symbol to help you stay centered.
Do a thumbs up with your left hand and envelope it with you right hand so that both your thumbs touch. Then put the symbol on your heart chakra for a minute or two. Where the exact spot is can vary from person to person. But it will be in the chest area for everyone. Feel and you will know. 
With this symbol you indicate you want balance in your center. This method of centering will help you to walk the path you chose. But, dear ones, it also implies you must be prepared to walk that path. Because when you start doing this exercise every day, you are letting the Universe know you are open to guidance and help to ensure you stay on your own path or want to return to it.
If you then ignore all signals and all nudges in the right direction, it will cause resentment and discomfort. It will make you unhappy because you struggle with or do not want to accept the signs given you. So you must realize, my friends, your egos will start fighting to keep control over the situation.
The ego tolerates little change. Our souls, on the other hand, know change is the path eternal.
So you see, although this information should be considered as something precious, something very important, it may also feel very uncomfortable if you use it but are not really ready or willing to make the necessary changes towards your own path again.
We are who we are and no one else can change that. We have made decisions in the past and are still make decisions every day. But when those decisions aren't made in a position of balance you can never make the right ones.
So try doing this exercise every day and when you feel it is getting more difficult, you can always ask us or the Cosmos for help to ensure that you will detect and eliminate the blockage which causes the imbalance.
Is this clear? (Yes.)
Is the symbol also clear? (Yes.)
If you are willing to do this every day, you will notice both physical and mental changes will occur. It gives us a feeling of security.
But why then do we fight it so badly? Because we fear not to be accepted by others as we are. Because of the fear not belonging to the group of 'normal' people.
But in doing so, you should ask yourself the question what is most important or most comfortable to you; the fact that you will be accepted by others or the fact that you will be accepted by yourself and the Source of all that exists.
This choice only you can make. That we can not do for others. But believe me when you dare to choose you, your life will start changing for the better immediately.
Life will no longer be as it is now. You will win the fight against the ego you've built up over the years and your soul will prevail.
Nothing outweighs the sense of being in balance because it will help you to better understand the Cosmos, the Source of all Wisdom and Divine Love.
Those who mock you are often the most unhappy. So don't let them influence you.
Try to let go of your ego because it is purely what you've built with your own mind. It is your own creation so you can also destroy it again.
The ego will not be happy with it and (in the beginning) neither will you because it seems like you are your (self made) ego. But it is not so. You are not what you have created. You are soul. And if you let go of all the rest you will start realizing who you really are and what you can truly create.
Each of us is a creator. As humans we have been given this wonderful gift by the Source of all creation. So start realizing your ego is nothing more than something you have created.
Therefore give yourself the time, the Love and the balance you need to let go of  your ego. It will feel as if you are losing a part of who you are because the ego will want to sustain itself.
Do this exercise twice a day, to ensure you are centered, and your ego will start to diminish bit by bit. It is only because of the hard drive up here (points to the head) that you think to be who you are not.
Does that mean you can't think anymore? No, of course not!
It is still necessary to use your brains because they give you control over your body, your voice, your materialistic achievements and so on.
So you do not need to turn it off. You just need to use it for what it has been created for.
I think we have given you enough information (for now) on centering your spirit and the reason why.
Remain centered so you are no longer influenced by your own ego and by that of others. The ego doesn't know what is good for us. It is our own creation. So how could it possibly know what we as souls really need? It can not! For it is programmed/created by ourselves; through the things we experienced, the things we saw, the things that crossed our paths.
You have been given a lot of information. Please, don't ignore it. If it wasn't important, why would we give it to you then?
So, thank you for letting us share this information with you. We hope a great portion will stay with you and that you are also going to do something with it.
If questions arise while reviewing this message, do not be afraid or hesitate to write them down and ask us during the next séance.
We salute you and thank you for your time.
Until next time, your brothers in soul, some Celestials.

zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Melle (Belgium), September 12th, 2013.

Good evening. My name is Michael.
Some people worship me as Archangel.  That is not really appropriate to do because I am nothing more than you or anybody else for that manner.
I will always try to respond or react when people ask for help. Nevertheless, it would be so much better if people would turn to the Source of all live than to focus on people who have once lived on earth. For although some of us have already evolved a great deal, we obviously do not have the same possibilities our father has.
 You can imagine when people call for my help '100 million times a day' that it is, even for someone so evolved as me, pretty hard to respond to all these questions. (smiles)
While the Source from which everything originates can respond to all these calls without a problem.
I just wanted to show you the importance of calling upon God's (Allah's, Jahweh's, Jehovah's, ...) help.  It is so important that people (or even better: 'humanity') learn to make contact with Him/Her again. There is nothing more beautiful, I can reassure you from my own personal experience.
It is bliss to be in contact with Father. It is bliss to experience His love inside of you. It brings peace, balance, harmony, happiness, joy and so much more. It lets us experience how small we really are so we stay humble at all times.
We are to God what ants are to us. And although we can be a nuisance ourselves sometimes, God will never use His 'foot' to crush us. Leaving aside the analogy is not completely correct, I used it to make clear that you have no idea how much the Source loves you.
I myself have seen the Source more than once. And believe me when you could be in It's presence without having the proper soul condition, you would feel like you were burning up because of the heat the Divine Love or Soul Energy can generate.
It is very hard to try and put these kinds of things into words. But if you continue to do as you are doing now. If you keep on praying this prayer in all honesty and longings from your soul, you will also reach the state and spheres in which we currently live. The beauty of it all is so difficult to explain with the words you use on this earth. Even the most beautiful poem, painting or song doesn't depict how beautiful they are. But someday it'll be yours to see and experience too. 
It's good you are already open to receive the Divine Love (Soul Energy) in this world. If you understand this Energy is the foundation of the whole universe, you will perhaps also comprehend how big and important It is and how much responsibility comes with It.
As you know, my big brother and friend Jesus, has manifested many so-called miracles in this world. But they were merely the manifestation of Love, the Divine Love, in him that helped him attract the things necessary to heal.
On the other hand, you don’t need the divine love to heal. Anyone (even without Divine Love) can heal others. Only the effect of the healing with Divine Love will be ten to one hundred times larger.
Since everything is a manifestation of the Love (the Source), you can easily infer this Love has no limits, that when you permit this Love to flow into your soul, you will also be more capable to manifest more things, to heal and so on.
Things like materialization and dematerialization will become crystal clear when you are willing to fill yourself with the Love, the Soul Energy, the Primary Essence that manifested everything. 
Yes, it is possible to dematerialize yourselves in this room and materialize again in the room next door. You just don’t believe it is. These things are not manifested by some ones imagination. They are actually based on laws of nature. And God is responsible for creating these laws manifested through His Energy, the Divine Love.
So, my dear friends, if you would like to learn things like that but do not know where to find the proper information, you only have to do one thing: fill your soul with the Primal Essence which contains all the information you need in order to learn what you want to learn.
Is that clear to all of you? Would you maybe like to ask me any questions?

(Question: "What is it people ask of you?) 

People will for example often ask me to stand by them during difficult times, to assist them in healings, to assist them in disputes, to help them with their financial problems, to help them with all kinds of earthly things. And although I will always try to help them, it is a fact that the help they get will much depend on their own spiritually conditions and their openness to receive. 
If someone so earth bound and not very spiritual suddenly asks for help, while not dropping the walls they built around them, it is of course obvious he will not get the same help as someone who dares to drop every wall he ever constructed. 
 So the help you get depends on your openness to receive, on the faith you have, the degree of development you have. It depends upon the longings, the trust and the love you possess.

Did that answer your question? (Yes.)

More questions? No?

Well then, the reason why I came and said all those things, is that people, when they ask for the help of (arch) angels or anybody from the spirit world: Maria, Jesus, their grandma and so on; they would better turn to the Source of all Energy with their questions and let His Love and His solution to their problems enter their Soul.
But humanity lacks the trust to do so. It feels to them as if they are standing on top of a cliff and someone is asking them to leap into the abyss. We are asked to have faith in something we don't really understand, something bigger and more complex than anything we know. We are asked to let go of our fears of the unknown.
As a human being that is very difficult to do. We have been given the gift of free will and we often think we are the only pilots of our lives. But that is an illusion because God has always been your copilot. You just haven't been listening to Him so well.
Therein lies the essence of our existence: that we use our free will to transcend ourselves and to have faith in what we do not see, hear, or feel yet. Knowing that deep down we are souls and we should develop those souls, by filling them with the Essence we need, so we can grow close and live near the Source of all existence. 
That is the beauty: we were given the choice to live forever on a soul level.  We have the choice to fill us with the Primary Essence or try to live the best life we can without It. 
But it is only when you receive the Divine Love that you will truly know what Love is, what real happiness is and what real warmth is. It is so intense but It won’t hurt you. And you can only experience It when you allow God to take (a bit of) control. But believe me, you will receive much more than what you give.
Many people think when they allow the Essence of God inside themselves, they will suddenly become slaves, no longer able to do what they like but only following His instructions. That is not so. I am proof of that. I am here with you tonight because I have chosen to be here not because Father has instructed me. 
That is the beauty of our soul and the Übersoul. Even when you give Him everything you've got, you will never lose yourself, ever. On the contrary, you will finally discover who you truly are.
How many of you here know who they really are? Any of you? Why not? Because you are too focused on things that do not matter: maintaining your egos.
But let me comfort you, for I was also like you when I still lived here on earth. That’s normal. Nevertheless, it is the essence of our existence to learn to transcend ourselves. And yes, that is darn difficult.
But if you dare go for it, if you have the courage to give Him everything you've got, only then will you truly understand who you really are and what you are truly capable of. Believe me you don't have an inkling of what you are capable of unless you dare to surrender yourself to the goodwill of Him who created you.
I will stop tormenting you with my message and words now, although I hope they will keep resonating in your hearts and souls. (laughs)
If you have any questions about this message, do not be ashamed to write them down and ask us about them next time.
We are grateful we can share this knowledge with you, piece by piece, and hopefully help us spread it all over the world; or at least a very large part of it.
Thank you for coming and your perseverance to do so.

Godspeed and a good evening to you all, Michael.


zondag 31 maart 2013

Excerpt from my next book. (Coming soon.)

The awakening

The awakening is a process that can be initiated on earth or in the spirit world. You can see it as a process where one dares to question himself. The awakening is to recognize and grasp one of the Truths. Anyone who has searched, found and recognized the truth about a particular topic is an enlightened or awakened soul in that area.
  The truth is and remains the truth, even when we don't think it is. Therefore it is so important to search for it. When you dare to question yourself, all your rules and values will ​​suddenly get a whole different meaning. You will find many things are not what you thought they were, because you have provided them the necessary labels yourself, labels that have nothing to do with reality.

  Many of our own made labels, are coloured and therefore not objective. They are like that, because we have copied them from our parents, friends or from society. It is by making all those labels and rules, we remove ourselves from the truth.
  The awakening has to do with removing all labels and rules that we have created or copied ourselves. Hence the importance to dare to question yourself and to realise you are indeed putting labels on everything, because otherwise you are keeping yourself from ever discovering the truth.
  When you label the concept of prayer or meditation as 'wrong', it will keep you from doing it! Right? In other words, when you label searching for the (Divine) Love as 'wrong', because of associations you made in the past, it will keep you from finding out the truth about the Love. And so it is with all things we stick our personal labels on.
Let's, for example, look at the fact whether there is life after death or not. Someone who labels it as 'crap', will not want to assume he is dead, after he died. Why? Because, for too many people, it is still more important to be 'right' than to recognize the truth. It's not nice to look in the mirror and come to the conclusion that what you believed in for many years turns out not to be 'correct' after all. That (ego) is why so many people cling to their own made labels and to the past.
  If one would recognize it is not so important to be 'right', but that it's more important to get to know the truth, one would also realize it would make them so much happier. So those who cling to old habits, labels and rules, and don't investigate whether they are 'correct' or not, can never discover the truth. You cannot bend the truth, it's just there. Just like you can't stop the earth from spinning, it just does.
  There comes a day when everybody will be confronted with themselves. No one can ever escape from it. This confrontation is based on our memories which are part of our soul. Once in the spirit world our soul will be visible for all and you cannot pretend anymore to be who you are not.
  But even there, people still have free will to keep on using their own made labels, even if they do not correspond to the truth. The longer a person continues to hold on to his own made labels, the longer his journey to happiness and joy will last. To awaken - or grow spiritually - one must learn to let go. If you do not learn to do so, you will keep yourself from becoming happy.

dinsdag 19 maart 2013

I have had some questions that I would like to share with you. (As well as the answer.)

Q: Do you know if there is a certain amount of time that needs to pass after death to reach spirithood? Is it pretty instant? Do these stories of people heading down a tunnel to a light an actual occurrence? Is that just an individual experience?

A:I don't know what you exactly mean with 'reaching spirithood' but I can tell you that alot of people don't even understand they are dead when they die. They keep wandering the earth as if they were still alive. So if that's what you are referring to I can only say there is no certain amount of time needed. Some people know exactly what is happening when they die and move on. Some just don't have a clue and linger on for several years before they come to the conclusion their earthly life is over.
The tunnel of light is indeed an actual occurence. First of all leaving your body consciously can give you that tunnel effect. Ask anybody who had an out of body experience. Secondly, the white light at the end of such a tunnel is actually the energy/love of a very high evolved spirit that manifests itself so you can see it (or some of your relatives) so you feel at ease. But it is indeed an individual experience, since not everybody leaves his/her body conciously, e.g. with a brutal accident.

zondag 17 maart 2013

The only person standing in your way to happiness is your ego. Get rid of it!
Learn what makes you smile and see what makes you cry.
Then, be honest with yourself and focus on what makes you smile and try to let go of what makes you cry.

Love, Werner.

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

I know there are a lot of bad things in this world, but don't waist your time focussing on them.
Try to look for the positive things in your life, your surroundings, your world and your negative feelings will vanish. Try to control your thoughts because they are the source of your (un)happiness.

Think about it. When do negative emotions come up? After thinking negative things!
So stop yourself and say "No. I will not go down this road again!' and start thinking about positive things.

You can change. You have the power!
Is it hard? Yes. Change always is.
But that doesn't mean it's not doable. Persevere and everything you want will be yours!

Love, Werner.

donderdag 7 maart 2013

dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Here is another excerpt. Enjoy and leave a comment if you wish.

‘Pépé told me you are a psychic. Is that correct?’

She smiled. ‘It is.’

‘Maybe this is a dumb question,’ I asked a bit embarrassed. ‘But what exactly does that mean?’

‘That I can perceive things which other people cannot perceive,’ she answered rather vaguely.

‘So, what are the kinds of things you can perceive?’ I asked. ‘I’m having a hard time understanding this. After all, anybody can claim to see things others can’t see.’

‘That’s right,’ she said calmly. ‘Which is why it is hard for genuine mediums to establish themselves. Many people who claim to see or know things, don’t know or see anything at all. And it’s partly because of people like that, that few people still believe in life after death. On the other hand, people themselves are to blame just as much. The only reason they’re going to see a psychic is to know how their relationship is doing, or when they will enter a relationship, or whether they’ll become rich.’

I couldn’t disagree with her.

‘It’s not because some people take advantage that way, that all psychics want to take advantage,’ I admitted. ‘But what exactly do you perceive?’

‘Well, in my case, it’s people and images.’

‘So how does that work?’ I asked with growing curiosity.

‘It’s hard to explain, but let me try my best to do so... To me, it’s as if a slide or a movie is projected in front of me. Sometimes the images are faint, and sometimes they’re crystal clear. It’s as if whatever is being projected appears on a thick curtain of white smoke. The quality of the imagery varies, depending on the thickness of the smoke, if I can put it that way.’

‘So what makes it that hard to explain?’

‘Look,’ Paula said as she positioned herself on the corner of the desk. ‘If I was to ask you to describe your holidays in Spain, you could give me an impression of what you saw or experienced. But the only thing I can do is imagine what you’re saying. I can try and breathe life into what you’re describing by using imagery that I am familiar with. But that doesn’t mean that what I imagine actually corresponds to what you’ve seen or experienced in real life, as I only have my own experiences to rely on. If I ever were to go there, and get to see the actual place, it could look completely different from what I had imagined. The reason for that is that I had never actually seen it, and would have compared it to something I had. Do you understand what I’m saying?’

I nodded.

‘Now, the things you are asking questions about, are things that find their origins in other dimensions. In other words, these are things that very few people have actually seen for themselves. Now, sticking to the analogy I’ve just given, you can maybe understand why it is hard for me to explain. The fact that it involves another dimension, and there is nothing in this dimension that compares to it, makes it even harder.’

I had to acknowledge that it made sense.

‘Then how is it possible for you to see things, and not for me?’ I asked.

‘Have you ever heard of the “third eye”?’ she asked.

‘I’ve heard of it,’ I grinned, ‘but I’ve never seen it.’

‘I won’t bother you with all kinds of theories on chakras. The only thing you must be aware of is that psychics have learned to work with those chakras, or portals. A psychic can activate chakras, which then opens a portal to another dimension. You don’t see that dimension with your regular eyes, but with your third eye.’

‘Does everybody have a third eye?’

‘Everybody does!’

‘And could anybody learn to activate it?’


‘So if everybody would learn to activate their third eye, everybody would be able to perceive that other dimension?’

‘That’s right.’

‘So why don’t people do so?’

‘Because they don’t believe they can; or because they don’t make the time; or because they’re too impatient and want instant results. At the same time, there are risks involved.’

‘What do you mean?’

She brooded upon her reply. ‘Did you ever hear of “like attracts like”?’

I nodded.

‘Well... Imagine you’re the kind of person who has perverted thoughts, but manages to suppress them. If you were to use your third eye, not knowing that when you have perverted thoughts, you attract spirits with the same thoughts, you might be in for the shock of your life when you gaze upon the images that are presented to you at such time. It wouldn’t be the first time somebody ended up institutionalized like that.’

‘You mean there are people in mental health wards because they’ve experimented too much or in the wrong way with these kinds of things?’

‘You’d be surprised how many crazy people are not really crazy, but instead are possessed by somebody – somebody who may or may not have bad intentions,’ she replied.

I burst out laughing. ‘I can’t believe that. As if a spirit could take over another person? Surely you don’t believe that?’

woensdag 27 februari 2013

Here is the first excerpt from "The Truth? A paranormal journey."   Enjoy!

I addressed the audience. ‘There is someone in the hall who is about six feet tall, slender built, and has dark hair.
He is asking to speak to Lance, and he showed me a heavy, white tractor. Does this sound familiar to anybody in the audience?’
A young man in his mid-thirties, seated in the middle of the hall, raised his hand.
‘What’s your name?’
‘Lance,’ he replied slowly.
‘Good. Do you know why he is showing me a tractor?’
The man nodded. ‘That is the tractor my father used to drive.’
‘Now I am seeing an old desk. There is some paperwork on it, and it also has two photographs. One is of a woman, the other of two boys. Does that ring a bell?’
‘Yes, it does,’ the man replied, astounded. ‘That’s the desk my father used for his accounting. He was the only one who could figure those things out.’
‘And this desk was in the attic?’ I inquired, because I wasn’t too sure.
Lance confirmed it was.
'I’m getting the impression that this man enjoyed a drink. Is that correct?’
Lance was embarrassed. ‘Yes,’ he said.
‘Your father is sorry for treating you so badly. He says it was wrong to blame you. Do you know what he’s talking about?’
Tears welled up in Lance’s eyes. ‘He always blamed me for it.’
‘Somebody else appeared, too, now; somebody who looks a lot like you, only much younger.’
Lance broke out sobbing. ‘He’s my twin brother, Dirk. We were playing. Dirk had accidentally broken my bike. I was mad at him and wanted to whack him. He was faster than I was, and ran away. At that moment my father was taking the tractor out of the barn. He didn’t see or hear us. As Dirk ran around the barn he was suddenly facing my father on the tractor. He tried to stop but fell. My father hadn’t seen him and drove over him.’
You could hear a pin drop in the hall. Nobody dared move. Some didn’t even dare breathe.
‘Dirk says it is time for you to forgive yourself. It wasn’t your fault. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, which were beyond your control.’ I paused for a while.
‘Your father asks you to forgive him for the rotten way he treated you. He is very embarrassed about what he’s done to you. He said he took all of his pain and sorrow out on you, and that that was very selfish of him.’

My attention was drawn to the elderly woman sitting next to Lance.

dinsdag 26 februari 2013

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