woensdag 18 oktober 2017

DL will take us to the most illuminated places

October 2nd 2017
Received by W.V.

I am here, John.

My dear friend, I am glad you have accepted my request to write down this message.

Ego has much more power than people truly understand and we cannot repeat it often enough. We can ask as much Love as we want, if we do not work on our egos we will never be free of worries and darkness. Love helps us to get rid of ego but, as with everything in life, there is the other side of the story (of duality) that ego blocks us from receiving love (even DL) or acting with love. Some people will not accept this because it is not in accord with what they believe (or want) but it is true.

When people don’t want to believe truth there is always an underlying reason: that ego wants to preserve itself. Everybody wants to be loved and for that we are willing to do whatever we need; even becoming something or someone we do not want to be. And the most difficult thing to accept of this process, is accepting the fact we choose to become this way by using our free will.

So, if we want to get rid of our ego, we have to accept we (ourselves) are the reason why we are who we are at this moment. Since we all only want to be loved, it is hard to accept we have become someone we did not want to become. However, the only way to ever reach the heavens of heaven is by daring to be vulnerable; by tearing down all the walls and layers ego has build around our soul; by understanding we are always in full control.

And, yes, Divine Love can help us with this but it will not do it for us. There is no easy way out or around it and no magical formula. Only when we come to understand this truth, real progress will start. It is inherent to our nature to look for the easy way out; to try and skip some ‘levels’: to maximize gains with minimum effort or energy loss. But many are starting to understand this path leads nowhere. Believing that asking for the Divine Love is all we need to do to reach the Celestial Heavens will get us as far as believing the blood of Jesus washes away all our sin.

Divine Love is all we’ll ever need. It is the key to freedom, God and eternity. But without submission of our egos and its free will, it will not get us to the place we want to be.


Yes, that is true and this may upset some people, but truth always will. Love will stir up ego in its attempt to shine light upon it and ego will always fight back to keep itself alive. And again the true power of ego and free will is shown. Divine Love will not interfere with it. It will only steer people in the right direction to help accept the truth but it will not force it upon us. And the only way to find out the truth is by testing it and doing something with it while staying objective and not let our ego and its preconceived ideas keep us from trying.

There is a path that leads to the Celestial heavens but no one can skip the necessary (minimum) amount of steps that need to be taken. Anybody can add as many extras as they want and take as much time as they need but no one can skip any primary step. As we cannot open the lock of a safe by skipping some symbols of the code (because we believe we can) we cannot unlock the doors of heaven by skipping primary steps just because we believe we can. This is a truth we all have to accept when we want to reach our goals, no exceptions made.

It will not be easy (from an ego perspective) because it means we will have to do and accept things our egos do not want to accept or do. And therefore we will gladly accept and belief there is an easier way out.

But we need to understand this is a normal reaction. If you look at the child witnessing something ‘unloving’, its intuitive reaction will be to look away. If a monster shows up on TV the child will cover its eyes with a nearby object at hand, mostly a pillow. Well, it is that same process that triggers us to ‘cover our eyes’ when life wants to show us something about our egos that is not in compliance with the love. And the reason is we all just want to be love(d).

Looking at our egos is one of the hardest things to do. But whatever heaven we want to reach, we will have to deal with it, sooner or later. The Divine Love will take us to the most illuminated places but not without visiting the darkest ones because they need to be filled with Light too.

So you see, knowledge without action leads nowhere. If knowledge is gained it needs to be shared and put into action otherwise progress will stagnate and new knowledge cannot manifest because the next layer cannot be build if there is no solid foundation to build it upon.

And so it is with Divine Love; if the proper foundation is not there, no extra DL will be received no matter how much we ask for it. If we do not submit our egos to our souls, by trying to keep our egos intact, we are not being truthful in our asking for DL so we will not receive more because not all conditions to receive the DL are met.

I see you are getting tired now so I am going to stop here. I am glad you took the time to write down some of my thoughts. Please share them.

Your friend and guide, John.

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