woensdag 27 februari 2013

Here is the first excerpt from "The Truth? A paranormal journey."   Enjoy!

I addressed the audience. ‘There is someone in the hall who is about six feet tall, slender built, and has dark hair.
He is asking to speak to Lance, and he showed me a heavy, white tractor. Does this sound familiar to anybody in the audience?’
A young man in his mid-thirties, seated in the middle of the hall, raised his hand.
‘What’s your name?’
‘Lance,’ he replied slowly.
‘Good. Do you know why he is showing me a tractor?’
The man nodded. ‘That is the tractor my father used to drive.’
‘Now I am seeing an old desk. There is some paperwork on it, and it also has two photographs. One is of a woman, the other of two boys. Does that ring a bell?’
‘Yes, it does,’ the man replied, astounded. ‘That’s the desk my father used for his accounting. He was the only one who could figure those things out.’
‘And this desk was in the attic?’ I inquired, because I wasn’t too sure.
Lance confirmed it was.
'I’m getting the impression that this man enjoyed a drink. Is that correct?’
Lance was embarrassed. ‘Yes,’ he said.
‘Your father is sorry for treating you so badly. He says it was wrong to blame you. Do you know what he’s talking about?’
Tears welled up in Lance’s eyes. ‘He always blamed me for it.’
‘Somebody else appeared, too, now; somebody who looks a lot like you, only much younger.’
Lance broke out sobbing. ‘He’s my twin brother, Dirk. We were playing. Dirk had accidentally broken my bike. I was mad at him and wanted to whack him. He was faster than I was, and ran away. At that moment my father was taking the tractor out of the barn. He didn’t see or hear us. As Dirk ran around the barn he was suddenly facing my father on the tractor. He tried to stop but fell. My father hadn’t seen him and drove over him.’
You could hear a pin drop in the hall. Nobody dared move. Some didn’t even dare breathe.
‘Dirk says it is time for you to forgive yourself. It wasn’t your fault. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, which were beyond your control.’ I paused for a while.
‘Your father asks you to forgive him for the rotten way he treated you. He is very embarrassed about what he’s done to you. He said he took all of his pain and sorrow out on you, and that that was very selfish of him.’

My attention was drawn to the elderly woman sitting next to Lance.

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