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Here is another excerpt. Enjoy and leave a comment if you wish.

‘Pépé told me you are a psychic. Is that correct?’

She smiled. ‘It is.’

‘Maybe this is a dumb question,’ I asked a bit embarrassed. ‘But what exactly does that mean?’

‘That I can perceive things which other people cannot perceive,’ she answered rather vaguely.

‘So, what are the kinds of things you can perceive?’ I asked. ‘I’m having a hard time understanding this. After all, anybody can claim to see things others can’t see.’

‘That’s right,’ she said calmly. ‘Which is why it is hard for genuine mediums to establish themselves. Many people who claim to see or know things, don’t know or see anything at all. And it’s partly because of people like that, that few people still believe in life after death. On the other hand, people themselves are to blame just as much. The only reason they’re going to see a psychic is to know how their relationship is doing, or when they will enter a relationship, or whether they’ll become rich.’

I couldn’t disagree with her.

‘It’s not because some people take advantage that way, that all psychics want to take advantage,’ I admitted. ‘But what exactly do you perceive?’

‘Well, in my case, it’s people and images.’

‘So how does that work?’ I asked with growing curiosity.

‘It’s hard to explain, but let me try my best to do so... To me, it’s as if a slide or a movie is projected in front of me. Sometimes the images are faint, and sometimes they’re crystal clear. It’s as if whatever is being projected appears on a thick curtain of white smoke. The quality of the imagery varies, depending on the thickness of the smoke, if I can put it that way.’

‘So what makes it that hard to explain?’

‘Look,’ Paula said as she positioned herself on the corner of the desk. ‘If I was to ask you to describe your holidays in Spain, you could give me an impression of what you saw or experienced. But the only thing I can do is imagine what you’re saying. I can try and breathe life into what you’re describing by using imagery that I am familiar with. But that doesn’t mean that what I imagine actually corresponds to what you’ve seen or experienced in real life, as I only have my own experiences to rely on. If I ever were to go there, and get to see the actual place, it could look completely different from what I had imagined. The reason for that is that I had never actually seen it, and would have compared it to something I had. Do you understand what I’m saying?’

I nodded.

‘Now, the things you are asking questions about, are things that find their origins in other dimensions. In other words, these are things that very few people have actually seen for themselves. Now, sticking to the analogy I’ve just given, you can maybe understand why it is hard for me to explain. The fact that it involves another dimension, and there is nothing in this dimension that compares to it, makes it even harder.’

I had to acknowledge that it made sense.

‘Then how is it possible for you to see things, and not for me?’ I asked.

‘Have you ever heard of the “third eye”?’ she asked.

‘I’ve heard of it,’ I grinned, ‘but I’ve never seen it.’

‘I won’t bother you with all kinds of theories on chakras. The only thing you must be aware of is that psychics have learned to work with those chakras, or portals. A psychic can activate chakras, which then opens a portal to another dimension. You don’t see that dimension with your regular eyes, but with your third eye.’

‘Does everybody have a third eye?’

‘Everybody does!’

‘And could anybody learn to activate it?’


‘So if everybody would learn to activate their third eye, everybody would be able to perceive that other dimension?’

‘That’s right.’

‘So why don’t people do so?’

‘Because they don’t believe they can; or because they don’t make the time; or because they’re too impatient and want instant results. At the same time, there are risks involved.’

‘What do you mean?’

She brooded upon her reply. ‘Did you ever hear of “like attracts like”?’

I nodded.

‘Well... Imagine you’re the kind of person who has perverted thoughts, but manages to suppress them. If you were to use your third eye, not knowing that when you have perverted thoughts, you attract spirits with the same thoughts, you might be in for the shock of your life when you gaze upon the images that are presented to you at such time. It wouldn’t be the first time somebody ended up institutionalized like that.’

‘You mean there are people in mental health wards because they’ve experimented too much or in the wrong way with these kinds of things?’

‘You’d be surprised how many crazy people are not really crazy, but instead are possessed by somebody – somebody who may or may not have bad intentions,’ she replied.

I burst out laughing. ‘I can’t believe that. As if a spirit could take over another person? Surely you don’t believe that?’

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