maandag 21 oktober 2013

Baaigem (Belgium), June 14th, 2013.

Good evening and welcome.
We would like you to be more centered in your own energy.
The reason the séance was so different today, is because we wanted to show you how easily people are influenced by others (be it the living or the dead). That's why it is so important one stays centered in his own energy.
That is; when you feel something is not going as it should, you're probably not centered well. This way others can force their influence upon you when you are making specific decisions in your life.
Centering yourself is very important, even necessary, if you want to walk (and remain on) your own path. How else can you ever get to know who you really are, what you enjoy doing and what you have chosen to do.
Meditation is a good way to balance oneself. Most people don't have time for it or don't like doing it. That is why we are giving you this simple symbol to help you stay centered.
Do a thumbs up with your left hand and envelope it with you right hand so that both your thumbs touch. Then put the symbol on your heart chakra for a minute or two. Where the exact spot is can vary from person to person. But it will be in the chest area for everyone. Feel and you will know. 
With this symbol you indicate you want balance in your center. This method of centering will help you to walk the path you chose. But, dear ones, it also implies you must be prepared to walk that path. Because when you start doing this exercise every day, you are letting the Universe know you are open to guidance and help to ensure you stay on your own path or want to return to it.
If you then ignore all signals and all nudges in the right direction, it will cause resentment and discomfort. It will make you unhappy because you struggle with or do not want to accept the signs given you. So you must realize, my friends, your egos will start fighting to keep control over the situation.
The ego tolerates little change. Our souls, on the other hand, know change is the path eternal.
So you see, although this information should be considered as something precious, something very important, it may also feel very uncomfortable if you use it but are not really ready or willing to make the necessary changes towards your own path again.
We are who we are and no one else can change that. We have made decisions in the past and are still make decisions every day. But when those decisions aren't made in a position of balance you can never make the right ones.
So try doing this exercise every day and when you feel it is getting more difficult, you can always ask us or the Cosmos for help to ensure that you will detect and eliminate the blockage which causes the imbalance.
Is this clear? (Yes.)
Is the symbol also clear? (Yes.)
If you are willing to do this every day, you will notice both physical and mental changes will occur. It gives us a feeling of security.
But why then do we fight it so badly? Because we fear not to be accepted by others as we are. Because of the fear not belonging to the group of 'normal' people.
But in doing so, you should ask yourself the question what is most important or most comfortable to you; the fact that you will be accepted by others or the fact that you will be accepted by yourself and the Source of all that exists.
This choice only you can make. That we can not do for others. But believe me when you dare to choose you, your life will start changing for the better immediately.
Life will no longer be as it is now. You will win the fight against the ego you've built up over the years and your soul will prevail.
Nothing outweighs the sense of being in balance because it will help you to better understand the Cosmos, the Source of all Wisdom and Divine Love.
Those who mock you are often the most unhappy. So don't let them influence you.
Try to let go of your ego because it is purely what you've built with your own mind. It is your own creation so you can also destroy it again.
The ego will not be happy with it and (in the beginning) neither will you because it seems like you are your (self made) ego. But it is not so. You are not what you have created. You are soul. And if you let go of all the rest you will start realizing who you really are and what you can truly create.
Each of us is a creator. As humans we have been given this wonderful gift by the Source of all creation. So start realizing your ego is nothing more than something you have created.
Therefore give yourself the time, the Love and the balance you need to let go of  your ego. It will feel as if you are losing a part of who you are because the ego will want to sustain itself.
Do this exercise twice a day, to ensure you are centered, and your ego will start to diminish bit by bit. It is only because of the hard drive up here (points to the head) that you think to be who you are not.
Does that mean you can't think anymore? No, of course not!
It is still necessary to use your brains because they give you control over your body, your voice, your materialistic achievements and so on.
So you do not need to turn it off. You just need to use it for what it has been created for.
I think we have given you enough information (for now) on centering your spirit and the reason why.
Remain centered so you are no longer influenced by your own ego and by that of others. The ego doesn't know what is good for us. It is our own creation. So how could it possibly know what we as souls really need? It can not! For it is programmed/created by ourselves; through the things we experienced, the things we saw, the things that crossed our paths.
You have been given a lot of information. Please, don't ignore it. If it wasn't important, why would we give it to you then?
So, thank you for letting us share this information with you. We hope a great portion will stay with you and that you are also going to do something with it.
If questions arise while reviewing this message, do not be afraid or hesitate to write them down and ask us during the next séance.
We salute you and thank you for your time.
Until next time, your brothers in soul, some Celestials.

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