zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Melle (Belgium), September 12th, 2013.

Good evening. My name is Michael.
Some people worship me as Archangel.  That is not really appropriate to do because I am nothing more than you or anybody else for that manner.
I will always try to respond or react when people ask for help. Nevertheless, it would be so much better if people would turn to the Source of all live than to focus on people who have once lived on earth. For although some of us have already evolved a great deal, we obviously do not have the same possibilities our father has.
 You can imagine when people call for my help '100 million times a day' that it is, even for someone so evolved as me, pretty hard to respond to all these questions. (smiles)
While the Source from which everything originates can respond to all these calls without a problem.
I just wanted to show you the importance of calling upon God's (Allah's, Jahweh's, Jehovah's, ...) help.  It is so important that people (or even better: 'humanity') learn to make contact with Him/Her again. There is nothing more beautiful, I can reassure you from my own personal experience.
It is bliss to be in contact with Father. It is bliss to experience His love inside of you. It brings peace, balance, harmony, happiness, joy and so much more. It lets us experience how small we really are so we stay humble at all times.
We are to God what ants are to us. And although we can be a nuisance ourselves sometimes, God will never use His 'foot' to crush us. Leaving aside the analogy is not completely correct, I used it to make clear that you have no idea how much the Source loves you.
I myself have seen the Source more than once. And believe me when you could be in It's presence without having the proper soul condition, you would feel like you were burning up because of the heat the Divine Love or Soul Energy can generate.
It is very hard to try and put these kinds of things into words. But if you continue to do as you are doing now. If you keep on praying this prayer in all honesty and longings from your soul, you will also reach the state and spheres in which we currently live. The beauty of it all is so difficult to explain with the words you use on this earth. Even the most beautiful poem, painting or song doesn't depict how beautiful they are. But someday it'll be yours to see and experience too. 
It's good you are already open to receive the Divine Love (Soul Energy) in this world. If you understand this Energy is the foundation of the whole universe, you will perhaps also comprehend how big and important It is and how much responsibility comes with It.
As you know, my big brother and friend Jesus, has manifested many so-called miracles in this world. But they were merely the manifestation of Love, the Divine Love, in him that helped him attract the things necessary to heal.
On the other hand, you don’t need the divine love to heal. Anyone (even without Divine Love) can heal others. Only the effect of the healing with Divine Love will be ten to one hundred times larger.
Since everything is a manifestation of the Love (the Source), you can easily infer this Love has no limits, that when you permit this Love to flow into your soul, you will also be more capable to manifest more things, to heal and so on.
Things like materialization and dematerialization will become crystal clear when you are willing to fill yourself with the Love, the Soul Energy, the Primary Essence that manifested everything. 
Yes, it is possible to dematerialize yourselves in this room and materialize again in the room next door. You just don’t believe it is. These things are not manifested by some ones imagination. They are actually based on laws of nature. And God is responsible for creating these laws manifested through His Energy, the Divine Love.
So, my dear friends, if you would like to learn things like that but do not know where to find the proper information, you only have to do one thing: fill your soul with the Primal Essence which contains all the information you need in order to learn what you want to learn.
Is that clear to all of you? Would you maybe like to ask me any questions?

(Question: "What is it people ask of you?) 

People will for example often ask me to stand by them during difficult times, to assist them in healings, to assist them in disputes, to help them with their financial problems, to help them with all kinds of earthly things. And although I will always try to help them, it is a fact that the help they get will much depend on their own spiritually conditions and their openness to receive. 
If someone so earth bound and not very spiritual suddenly asks for help, while not dropping the walls they built around them, it is of course obvious he will not get the same help as someone who dares to drop every wall he ever constructed. 
 So the help you get depends on your openness to receive, on the faith you have, the degree of development you have. It depends upon the longings, the trust and the love you possess.

Did that answer your question? (Yes.)

More questions? No?

Well then, the reason why I came and said all those things, is that people, when they ask for the help of (arch) angels or anybody from the spirit world: Maria, Jesus, their grandma and so on; they would better turn to the Source of all Energy with their questions and let His Love and His solution to their problems enter their Soul.
But humanity lacks the trust to do so. It feels to them as if they are standing on top of a cliff and someone is asking them to leap into the abyss. We are asked to have faith in something we don't really understand, something bigger and more complex than anything we know. We are asked to let go of our fears of the unknown.
As a human being that is very difficult to do. We have been given the gift of free will and we often think we are the only pilots of our lives. But that is an illusion because God has always been your copilot. You just haven't been listening to Him so well.
Therein lies the essence of our existence: that we use our free will to transcend ourselves and to have faith in what we do not see, hear, or feel yet. Knowing that deep down we are souls and we should develop those souls, by filling them with the Essence we need, so we can grow close and live near the Source of all existence. 
That is the beauty: we were given the choice to live forever on a soul level.  We have the choice to fill us with the Primary Essence or try to live the best life we can without It. 
But it is only when you receive the Divine Love that you will truly know what Love is, what real happiness is and what real warmth is. It is so intense but It won’t hurt you. And you can only experience It when you allow God to take (a bit of) control. But believe me, you will receive much more than what you give.
Many people think when they allow the Essence of God inside themselves, they will suddenly become slaves, no longer able to do what they like but only following His instructions. That is not so. I am proof of that. I am here with you tonight because I have chosen to be here not because Father has instructed me. 
That is the beauty of our soul and the Übersoul. Even when you give Him everything you've got, you will never lose yourself, ever. On the contrary, you will finally discover who you truly are.
How many of you here know who they really are? Any of you? Why not? Because you are too focused on things that do not matter: maintaining your egos.
But let me comfort you, for I was also like you when I still lived here on earth. That’s normal. Nevertheless, it is the essence of our existence to learn to transcend ourselves. And yes, that is darn difficult.
But if you dare go for it, if you have the courage to give Him everything you've got, only then will you truly understand who you really are and what you are truly capable of. Believe me you don't have an inkling of what you are capable of unless you dare to surrender yourself to the goodwill of Him who created you.
I will stop tormenting you with my message and words now, although I hope they will keep resonating in your hearts and souls. (laughs)
If you have any questions about this message, do not be ashamed to write them down and ask us about them next time.
We are grateful we can share this knowledge with you, piece by piece, and hopefully help us spread it all over the world; or at least a very large part of it.
Thank you for coming and your perseverance to do so.

Godspeed and a good evening to you all, Michael.


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