zondag 31 maart 2013

Excerpt from my next book. (Coming soon.)

The awakening

The awakening is a process that can be initiated on earth or in the spirit world. You can see it as a process where one dares to question himself. The awakening is to recognize and grasp one of the Truths. Anyone who has searched, found and recognized the truth about a particular topic is an enlightened or awakened soul in that area.
  The truth is and remains the truth, even when we don't think it is. Therefore it is so important to search for it. When you dare to question yourself, all your rules and values will ​​suddenly get a whole different meaning. You will find many things are not what you thought they were, because you have provided them the necessary labels yourself, labels that have nothing to do with reality.

  Many of our own made labels, are coloured and therefore not objective. They are like that, because we have copied them from our parents, friends or from society. It is by making all those labels and rules, we remove ourselves from the truth.
  The awakening has to do with removing all labels and rules that we have created or copied ourselves. Hence the importance to dare to question yourself and to realise you are indeed putting labels on everything, because otherwise you are keeping yourself from ever discovering the truth.
  When you label the concept of prayer or meditation as 'wrong', it will keep you from doing it! Right? In other words, when you label searching for the (Divine) Love as 'wrong', because of associations you made in the past, it will keep you from finding out the truth about the Love. And so it is with all things we stick our personal labels on.
Let's, for example, look at the fact whether there is life after death or not. Someone who labels it as 'crap', will not want to assume he is dead, after he died. Why? Because, for too many people, it is still more important to be 'right' than to recognize the truth. It's not nice to look in the mirror and come to the conclusion that what you believed in for many years turns out not to be 'correct' after all. That (ego) is why so many people cling to their own made labels and to the past.
  If one would recognize it is not so important to be 'right', but that it's more important to get to know the truth, one would also realize it would make them so much happier. So those who cling to old habits, labels and rules, and don't investigate whether they are 'correct' or not, can never discover the truth. You cannot bend the truth, it's just there. Just like you can't stop the earth from spinning, it just does.
  There comes a day when everybody will be confronted with themselves. No one can ever escape from it. This confrontation is based on our memories which are part of our soul. Once in the spirit world our soul will be visible for all and you cannot pretend anymore to be who you are not.
  But even there, people still have free will to keep on using their own made labels, even if they do not correspond to the truth. The longer a person continues to hold on to his own made labels, the longer his journey to happiness and joy will last. To awaken - or grow spiritually - one must learn to let go. If you do not learn to do so, you will keep yourself from becoming happy.

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